The free version of our app is 100% free forever, but with limited features and functionalities.
Goal Striver Pro is currently under development. Once we make an official announcement, you can then upgrade to Goal Striver Pro via online through our website.
Yes, we plan to make Goal Striver available for iOS. Currently, we are focusing more on developing the website more so we can improve upon what we have before we can start the development of Goal Striver for iOS.
No. We do not have any plans to make Goal Striver for languages other than English; however, if there is enough demand for a non-English version of Goal Striver, we will consider on developing a multilingual version of Goal Striver.
No. We are currently working on the website to sync the Goal Striver data stored on your phone to our cloud database server.
The difference is that Action Tasks can be thought of as mini-milestone tasks. Basically, they address the things you can do to get you closer towards achieving your goal. Regular tasks are just tasks that are unrelated to your goals. For example, regular tasks can be thought of as clean the garage, pick up your friend at the airport, etc.
That feature has not been made yet, but we are working on that. It will be bundled with another major feature that we plan to include into the Goal Striver app once we get the online syncing to work as well as Goal Striver Pro released as a beta.
No. The formula cannot be changed, but it will continue to improve upon each update.

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