How to Dominate 2017

Happy New Years everyone!

It’s freezing cold here in L.A. and I can barely type this article, but you know what keeps me warm? My goals and resolutions for 2017 as well as my burning desire to help you not just how to be more awesome in 2017, but how to dominate it!

But before you move on, let’s do a short reflection.

In the past, whenever a new year starts, you probably are excited like everyone else is, and you have this list of resolutions you want to accomplish.

Fast forward a couple of months, you find yourself struggling to make ends meet on your resolutions or you probably have given up on some of them already!

Am I right? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Even I have had those moments in life too.

Well, enough is enough. I tried out a few strategies over the years, and made adjustments as I went along while picking up a few new tricks along the way. Ultimately, it has helped me improve my success rate. It’s not perfect, but it is better than what most people do all the time.

So how can you do it so that you can improve your chances of success where many have failed every single year?

Here’s how.

Don’t Let Yesterday’s Worries and Failures Stop You From Achieving Today’s Successes

Yes! Don’t let the past stop you from moving forward in life. If you let it get to you, you won’t be able to move on. Just learn from your mistakes, and keep on going.

Life is too short for worrying about things that already happened. Don’t waste your precious time on things you cannot change and control. Redirect that effort towards things you can change and control now.

Have a Clear Goal

Goals are like trips. If you want to achieve a goal, you must first know what you want from your goal. Having a clear goal in mind is equal to your destination. If you don’t know what your destination is, then how do you expect to arrive there in the first place?

We all have a lot of goals we want to accomplish, but only few of us manages to achieve them without burning out or quitting halfway through the journey. You have to have a target. Be specific about your goal too.

The clearer and more specific your goal is, the better.

After all, successful companies today wouldn’t be where they are if they lacked a well-defined and clear vision or goal in mind.
Make Sure Your Goal is Measurable

As human beings, we like to see results. Whenever we do something, and we don’t see immediate results, we start losing hope in achieving the results we want. With this in mind, make sure you have some way to measure your goal or to keep track of your progress.

Doing so will help you see results a little better, even if they aren’t as obvious as they might seem to be.

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Set Specific Deadlines

There’s a saying that goes like this:

“A goal without a deadline is a dream.”

Without deadlines, you won’t take your goal as seriously and you will be prone to making excuses and procrastinating on it. Don’t leave things out in the open. Set a deadline.

But I don’t know how long it will take for me to reach my goal!
Do some quick and light research on how long it took others who had the same goal as you do to reach theirs.

No results? By what time would you realistically desire to accomplish your goal by? Ok, now that will be your deadline. For now, don’t care about whether that is realistic. Just try to aim for it. Don’t change your deadline, otherwise you will end up procrastinating on it.

Don’t Let the Haters and the Naysayers Stop You

There are people out there who have failed their goal and sometimes will try to stop you by telling you that it’s impossible. Don’t let that stop you. If they say that to you, then they’re the ones who have already given up. Don’t let their impossible attitude stop your can-do attitude.

Never stop hustling! Prove them all wrong. There’s nothing better than the sweet taste of success.

“Never stop hustling!”

Don’t Question the Impossible. Ah Ah Ah! Don’t.

The moment you start questioning yourself about the goal is when you start to come up with excuses to quit. So never start questioning about your goal. Just do it. Action is key to success.

Take Action and Execute

You can worry all you want, but nothing will change unless you take the first step to committing yourself towards the goal you want to achieve.

Execution is key to success regardless of what the circumstances are. After all, change doesn’t occur merely by sitting on the couch all day waiting for things to get better.

In the beginning, it might seem like a long journey, but once you break it down and start tackling each task a little bit at a time every day, you would be done by the time you know it.

Stop Making Excuses

We can always make as much excuses as we want, but still not get anywhere or anything done. There are moments in life where we just have to accept it and move on or you can do something about it and change your situation. Most of the time, the common excuses being made have a common sense solution, it’s just that it is our responsibility to start taking the first step towards doing it.

By the way, be sure to check out this article on a list of excuses that people make that stop them from being successful.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gotten this down, start making a plan and schedule on when and how you are going to achieve your goals and dominate 2017. Be sure to check out my next post on How to Dominate 2017 Part 2 where I will go into more of the “how” and specifics on more ways you can dominate 2017.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you plan to dominate 2017 and make this year “your year.”

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