How to Clean Up Your Email Inbox So You Can Be More Productive

Did you know that your email inbox could be potentially taking up most of your valuable time away from you? After all, what goes on in email is what's on the agendas of other people, not yours.

I don’t know about you, but I subscribe to a lot of newsletters for the value that content creators have to offer. Sometimes, I unintentionally get a little overboard, especially when it comes to resources that require an email subscription signup in order to acquire. Then it reaches the point where it becomes too tedious to manage and unsubscribe from each and every one of them.

It’s like trying to organize a pigsty, but luckily, there’s a free tool out there that takes care of all these problems quick and easy.

Unroll.Me – The Tool That Makes Unsubscribing A Piece Of Cake

Disclaimer – I am not being sponsored by, and simply am doing this out of personal hands-on experience on the benefits that this tool has to offer. is a free online service where you can login using the email account that is filled with those unwanted newsletter subscriptions that you’ve been meaning to unsubscribe from but haven’t gotten to yet.

How To Use Unroll.Me?

The process is easy. Feel free to follow along. For this tutorial, I will be cleaning up my pigsty in my Yahoo Mail account. I may have less than 50 unread emails, but behind the curtains, it is subscribed to a lot of things.

Note – You have the option to add certain subscriptions to a “rollup” which will basically group up everything that you received and send it to you as a bulk email message – great for reducing clutter.

1. Login With The Email Account You Wish To Clean Up

In order to start using, you must login using the email account that you are going to clean up. In my case, I will login using my yahoo email account details.

2. Select Edit Subscriptions Then New Items

Once you are logged in, click the Edit Subscriptions link, and finally the New Items link. Doing so will take you to a page with a list of all the email subscription services that your email is subscribed to.

3. Start Unsubscribing Or Add To Rollup

All that’s left is to start clicking Unsubscribe to all the services that you wish to no longer receive any emails from. However, if you don’t want to unsubscribe, but rather bulk them up, you would select the Add to Rollup option or simply just leave it alone as is.

Hopefully this article was helpful to you in some way, be sure to leave a comment below if you have any useful tips and tricks to share with other people or maybe even a system that you go by to manage your emails!

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