How Getting a Gaming Mouse Will Help You Be More Productive

One of the best things in the world – especially in technology – are shortcut keys and macros. They are convenient and help save us time and frustration for certain tasks. Despite the major benefits that they provide, the one thing that is painful to do is when we use them often that it becomes repetitious and tedious. Although I have mentioned about tediousness in a past article, and the solution to those tasks are to automate, not all tasks should be automated, especially those that don’t have a fixed schedule. You can read that article here.

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The solution is simple. Get a gaming mouse. Now, some of you might be saying that you don’t play games so it’s not worth the investment. True. It may not be worth the investment for certain individuals; however, you don’t have to be a gamer to own a gaming mouse. You can own one for the benefits it can provide you, hence the purpose of this post.

So Why Should I Get A Gaming Mouse When I Don’t Play Games? How Would Getting A Gaming Mouse Improve My Productivity? How Would It Benefit Me?

1. One Click Solutions – Fewer Key Strokes

The main best thing about having a gaming mouse is the customizable buttons. You can customize them so it only takes a click or two to do things that are tedious or might take several keystrokes to access. Some examples of things you can do with these customizable buttons are:

  • Launch and Close Programs

  • Accomplish Tasks (e.g. emptying recycle bin)

  • Paste Text (e.g. repetitive email templates)

  • And so much more!

2. No Need To Memorize Shortcut Keys

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to remember a variety of shortcut keys. Not only that, some just contain too many keystrokes. Again, as mentioned before, simplifying things with just one click does wonders. That way, not only do you have less things to click, but less things to remember.

3. Better User Experience

Not only that, you get a better user experience. No more frustration and unnecessary tediousness.

Yeah Yeah, Now That I Know The Benefits, Should I Get A Gaming Mouse?

Again, as stated before, “it may not be worth the investment for certain individuals.” So after reading about the benefits, how do you know if it’s worth your investment? It depends on what you do.

If you see yourself using more than two shortcuts or maybe find yourself doing something that requires you to dig deep into your system to access a program or file, then it may be worth the investment. In other words, in a general look, if you tend to find yourself switching between programs, tasks, and windows that you do often enough, and it’s becoming tedious and takes a lot of keystrokes to do so, go for it.

When you purchase a gaming mouse, make sure it has the ability for you to customize the buttons! You can even get gaming mouses for under $40.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or even more tips and reasons to add on to my list, be sure to leave it in the comments section below so that I and others may see. Thanks for reading!

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