Goal Striver App Officially Launched!

That’s right! It is my honor, as Founder and CEO of Goal Striver, to announce that after 4 months of hardwork, dedication, commitment, and focus, the Goal Striver app is now available for download in the Google Play Store – Free!

Download Goal Striver

What About IOS Users?

I have plans for a iOS version to be developed later on in the year. More news about it will be announced in due time. For now, we only have an Android version of the app.

What Now?

We are going to start developing a web browser based version of the app. There are a few bugs that still needs to be addressed in the current version of the Goal Striver app, but should not hinder the user experience. All the core features are working.

I will continue to publish new posts to help you on your journey to live a more productive lifestyle as well as aiming for your goals on a weekly basis. It will remain on Mondays. The schedule will be like this:

Monday – Blog Post
Tuesday – Motivational Quote(s)
Friday – Motivational Quote(s)

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