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Goal Striver is a to-do list app that is built around the concept of helping you achieve your goals. The reason why regular to-do list apps fail to achieve this is because of the lack of a proper productivity system being implemented alongside the to-do list design. With the Goal Striver app, it will help you plan out your day more efficiently and smarter to help you save time and get you closer towards your goal(s).

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Set Goals in Goal Striver

Set Goals

Set goals to focus on everyday. No matter what it is, you should be focusing on accomplishing your goal or at least do something to get you closer towards it. With the Goal Striver app, we make choosing goals to focus on easy.

Take Action Towards Your Goals

When it comes to to-do list apps, it is easy to put tasks down that don't necessarily help you make progress towards your goal(s). This is where our action tasks feature comes into play. With it, it will help ensure that you finish at least 3 tasks on a daily basis that will get you closer towards your goals.

Take Actions by Action Tasks Feature in Goal Striver
To Do List Goal Striver

Plan Your Day

Record the tasks that you need to get done today, tomorrow, or maybe sometime in the near future. With our easy to use to do list feature, you won't have to worry about forgetting what it is you have to do.

Get Reminders and Set Due Dates

Worried about forgetting to do a task? No problem, we got you covered with the reminders and due dates options. All you have to do is once you create a task, be sure to set a due date, and a reminder so you can receive alerts of when the task's deadline is coming. Not only that, receive smart notifications to give you that heads up that the day is coming to a close, and that you need to quickly finish those tasks.

Due Dates and Reminders Calendar

Progress Score

Productivity and completeness score to see your performance.


Choose a goal to focus on for the day.


Set reminders so you don't forget.

Action Tasks

Set daily action tasks to make progress towards your goals.


Take notes verbally or mechanically so you won't forget things.


Create categories to organize your tasks.

Due Dates

Set due dates so you won't miss a deadline.


Favorite tasks so you know they are important.

There is simply no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving success. - Heather Bresch

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